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Ex-Google Employee Claims Wrongful Firing For Criticizing James Damore’s Memo

Posted on 21st February, by Nitasha Tiku in News. Comments Off

Former Google engineer Tim Chevalier sued the company, claiming he was fired for sharing politically liberal posts on Google’s internal message boards.

YouTube and Facebook Trending Tools Highlighted Parkland Conspiracy Theories

Posted on 21st February, by Issie Lapowsky in News. Comments Off

An algorithm change apparently designed to keep fake news out is precisely what put a Parkland conspiracy video at the top of YouTube’s Trending section.

This Startup’s Test Shows How Harassment Targets Women Online

Posted on 21st February, by Erin Griffith in News. Comments Off

Kapwing changed the avatar on its customer-service chat widget from a woman to a man, and then a cat. The harassment stopped.

Google Pay to Challenge Apple, Amazon

Posted on 21st February, by David Jones in News. Comments Off

Google has launched its long-anticipated Google Pay app, which combines the features of the former Android Pay and Google Wallet into one platform, with new benefits designed to accelerate mobile payment use and retailer participation. The change, first announced last month, represents a bid to expand the use of Google’s growing ecosystem to take on both Apple and Amazon in the e-commerce space.

You Don’t Need a Personal Genetics Test to Take Charge of Your Health

Posted on 21st February, by Robbie Gonzalez in News. Comments Off

That in-home DNA test won’t tell you much about how to eat or exercise. Fortunately, you don’t need it to.

Snakelike Skin Gives a Robot the Power to Crawl

Posted on 21st February, by Matt Simon in News. Comments Off

Researchers report today that they’ve designed an inflatable robot with its own scales that automatically pop out to get a grip.

WhatsApp Co-Founder Brian Acton Injects $50 Million in Newly Formed Signal Foundation

Posted on 21st February, by Andy Greenberg in News. Comments Off

WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton has taken on the leadership of the non-profit behind that popular encryption app—and given it a serious injection of cash.

Broken Corporate Processes Degrade Customer Experience: Survey

Posted on 21st February, by Richard Adhikari in News. Comments Off

Broken corporate processes have been contributing to negative customer experiences, a recent survey suggests. One thousand employees in U.S. companies with a workforce of 500 or more who work on a computer or mobile device for more than five hours a day responded to the online survey conducted by Nintex. Overall, 54 percent observed broken administrative processes within their organization.

‘The Last Jedi”s User Interfaces Aren’t Just Cool-Looking

Posted on 21st February, by Robbie Gonzalez in News. Comments Off

Every display in the latest Star Wars film exists to help tell the story.

‘All Our Asias’ Is a Vital Reminder That Creators Matter

Posted on 21st February, by Julie Muncy in News. Comments Off

The beautiful, surreal indie game about Asian heritage is made all the stronger by the self-conscious inclusion of its own maker.