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Twitter’s Dated Data Dump Doesn’t Tell Us About Future Meddling

Posted on 18th October, by Paris Martineau in News. Comments Off

Twitter’s release of more than 10 million tweets from Russia’s Internet Research Agency and Iran sheds little light on those agencies’ current tactics, researchers say.

An App Built for Hurricane Harvey Is Now Saving Lives in Florida

Posted on 18th October, by Megan Molteni in News. Comments Off

Crowdsource Rescue, a kind of “Uber for emergencies,” has become the leading tool to coordinate volunteer rescuers, helping them check on hundreds of vulnerable individuals.

NCT 127 Answers All of the Internet’s Questions About K-Pop

Posted on 18th October, by Angela Watercutter in News. Comments Off

WIRED asked the group to answer a series of questions from Twitter.

Funky Materials Give the Mantis Shrimp Its Powerful Punch

Posted on 18th October, by Matt Simon in News. Comments Off

The legendary crustacean uses a hammer-like appendage made of ceramic and polymer to deliver its punishing blow.

Tech Founders’ Absolute Power Is Destroying Company Culture

Posted on 18th October, by Ellen Pao in News. Comments Off

Tech CEOs have wrestled greater control of their companies than ever—making it impossible to address bad behavior properly.

A 7-Year Search for Traces of Humanity Along the US-Mexico Border

Posted on 18th October, by Laura Mallonee in News. Comments Off

Photographer Richard Misrach covered tens of thousands of miles while shooting ‘Border Cantos’—and each one of them told a story.

The Faster, Cheaper, Better Way to Charge Electric Vehicles

Posted on 18th October, by Levi Tillemann in News. Comments Off

Opinion: Forget fast-charging. Battery swapping is back—and it’s the tech of the future.

3 Wine Aroma Kits Tested: Aromabar, Aromaster, and Le Nez du Vin

Posted on 18th October, by Christopher Null in News. Comments Off

Is your schnoz a schlub? Strengthen your sniffer by teaching it to discern common wine aromas with one of these training kits.

Drivers Wildly Overestimate What ‘Semiautonomous’ Cars Can Do

Posted on 18th October, by Jack Stewart in News. Comments Off

Seventy percent of people believe you can buy an autonomous car today. And that’s a problem.

The Difference Between Weight and Mass, And Why It Matters

Posted on 18th October, by Rhett Allain in News. Comments Off

If we ever move off-planet, we’ll have to get more serious about distinguishing between ‘mass’ and ‘weight.’