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How Shared, Open Data Can Help Us Better Overcome Disasters

Posted on 11th December, by Joi Ito in News. Comments Off

Citizen collection of radiation information after Fukushima and of air quality information after California’s wildfires should serve as a model.

15 Smart-Home Gift Ideas (2018): Ecobee, Dyson, Wemo, and More

Posted on 11th December, by Adrienne So in News. Comments Off

Robot vacuums, smart thermostats, and more awesome gift ideas for that person in your life who can activate everything in their home with a sneeze.

Crispr Scandal: How Do You Publish a Scientific Villain’s Data?

Posted on 11th December, by Megan Molteni in News. Comments Off

The scientific community is at a loss over how, and whether, to publish the controversial gene-editing work of He Jiankui.

How to Use Siri Shortcuts to Get Through Your Daily Grind

Posted on 11th December, by Pia Ceres in News. Comments Off

Siri Shortcuts might be the virtual assistant’s most useful feature yet.

Elon Musk Abuses Tesla Autopilot on *60 Minutes*

Posted on 11th December, by Jack Stewart in News. Comments Off

By ignoring his company’s instructions, Musk risked making the public even more confused about how to safely use the semi-autonomous system.

Watch Google CEO Sundar Pichai Testify Before Congress

Posted on 10th December, by Issie Lapowsky in News. Comments Off

Google’s CEO will testify before the House Judiciary Committee in a hearing focused on transparency and search practices.

Earth’s Depths Are Teeming With Otherworldly Microbes

Posted on 10th December, by Jonathan Watts in News. Comments Off

Scientists have discovered a vast subterranean ecosystem of microbial life deep underground, stretching our sense of life’s limits.

Google+ Exposed Data of 52.5 Million Users and Will Shut Down in April

Posted on 10th December, by Lily Hay Newman in News. Comments Off

A month after Google had already decided to shut down Google+, a new bug made its problems much, much worse.

Watch the New ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ Trailer Now

Posted on 10th December, by Brian Raftery in News. Comments Off

Plus: Aquaman just made a big splash in China, and Netflix is getting closer to an Oscar.

The Science of Growing a Perfect Christmas Tree

Posted on 10th December, by Robbie Gonzalez in News. Comments Off

Is your tree robust to cold? Do its needles cling to their branches? Christmas tree scientists ask these questions so we don’t have to.