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Why Can’t America Have a Single, Interoperable Tolling System? Because Bureaucracy

Posted on 23rd November, by Nick Stockton in News. Comments Off

The country’s toll operators were supposed to be running on a single national system more than a year ago.

Want a Perfect Turkey? Calculate Its Specific Heat Capacity

Posted on 23rd November, by Rhett Allain in News. Comments Off

Really, Thanksgiving is all about thermal transfer.

Black Friday 2017: Best Online Deals

Posted on 22nd November, by Wired Staff in News. Comments Off

We’ve gathered the best Black Friday online deals of 2017. So avoid the cold and start clicking!

Black Friday 2017: Best Headphone Deals from Beats to Bose

Posted on 22nd November, by Brendan Nystedt in News. Comments Off

Shopping for some new cans or buds? How about Bluetooth speakers? Here are the sales worth digging into.

This New Robot Will Help Keep Hearts Pumping

Posted on 22nd November, by Matt Simon in News. Comments Off

First it wraps the organ in polymer arms. Then it pierces the flesh with a pointy rod.

Cyber Monday 2017: Best Tech Deals, from Playstations to Sonos Speakers

Posted on 22nd November, by Jeffrey Van Camp in News. Comments Off

The most exciting, best Cyber Monday tech deals we’ve found around the web for 2017!

‘Vapor Wake’ Explosive-Sniffing Dogs Help Protect the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Posted on 22nd November, by Lily Hay Newman in News. Comments Off

This year, a team of Labrador retrievers trained to sniff out body-worn explosives will help lock down NYC’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

A Conversation About Race and Gender in Andy Weir’s *Artemis*

Posted on 22nd November, by Justice Namaste in News. Comments Off

Weir’s new sci-fi novel goes deep on technical specs but skimps on the social nuance.

‘She’s Gotta Have It: Spike Lee’s Netflix Series Is a Defiant, Savvy Love-Fest

Posted on 22nd November, by Jason Parham in News. Comments Off

Lee’s debut film returns in series form, and renews its celebration of female desire.

Trump Puts Federal Cloud Investments on Front Burner

Posted on 22nd November, by John K. Higgins in News. Comments Off

One of the few policies that President Donald Trump’s administration has carried over from his predecessor is that the federal government needs to make vast information technology performance upgrades — especially to cloud-based platforms. That should comfort vendors seeking business in the federal market at all levels of cloud offerings — hardware, software or services.